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Strategic Areas of the Association

The strategic areas and development directions that the association is going to fully concentrate on the coming five-year planning period include the following nine major points:

  • Capacity building and awareness creation;
  • Advocacy and networking;
  • Economic diversification and skill training;
  • Access to credit facilities;
  • Enhancement of education (both formal and non-formal);
  • Health related development interventions;
  • Strengthening relationships of the association with others;
  • Recognition of males’ involvements in mainstreaming gender; and
  • Issues of sustainability of WAT and its development activities; etc.

The above strategic areas of WAT are required to be carried out during the planning period because it is their proper implementation that makes the five- year strategic planning of WAT to be successful and more fruitful.

Required Inputs

For the successful implementation of the strategic plan of the association, different inputs (resources are required in different forms such as the following:

  • Financial Resources
  • Material Resources;
  • Human Resources; and
  • Cooperation of different stakeholders found in the region.

Expected Outputs

The expected outputs to be achieved from the strategic plan of WAT at the end of the five-year planning period would be the following major areas:

  • Enhanced women’s participation in decision-making processes;
  • Enhanced education of women and girls in the region as a whole;
  • People with better capacities and capabilities in implementation;
  • Trained women in different skill training programs and activities;
  • Better health situations in the region than in previous situations;
  • Good networks created with all like-minded development agencies;
  • Overall improved lives of women in the different parts of the region;
  • Minimized gender gaps in all aspects of the development process;

Calls for Further Assistances

Although WAT has developed the five-year strategic plan, it needs financial resources to implement the plan and expects the achievements of the afro-mentioned outputs, it does not and should mean that all the above would be done solely by the association without the assistances of other development agents.  WAT needs rather further assistances from various donors, donor agencies, partner organizations and international non-governmental organizations involved in the process of rural development endeavors in the forms of finance, materials or both.

That is why the need arose to develop and produce this concept paper to introduce the planned development activities of the association and calls for the possible involvements of different international organizations to take their shares in solving the devastated effects of the socio-economic and the socio-cultural constraints of the women section of the region.


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